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Tesla Model S Survey: Vehicle 3 - Model S 85 kWh Performance

Date Odometer Standard
Rated Range
Range Mode
Rated Range
Drive Unit
May 14 2013 08:54 AM PDT 13,976 mi 242 mi 261 mi 13,951 mi 372 Wh/mi North Potomac, MD
Aug 12 2013 10:37 AM PDT 19,064 mi 110 mi (50%) 152 mi 18,770 mi 360 Wh/mi North Potomac, MD
Aug 12 2013 10:41 AM PDT 19,064 mi 110 mi (50%) 252 mi 18,770 mi 360 Wh/mi North Potomac, MD
Aug 26 2013 12:05 PM PDT 19,155 mi 112 mi (50%) 254 mi 18,861 mi 360 Wh/mi North Potomac, MD
Sep 25 2013 03:22 PM PDT 21,197 mi 118 mi (50%) 256 mi 20,903 mi 357 Wh/mi North Potomac, MD

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Report Details

Submitted: August 26, 2013, 12:05 PM PDT

Location North Potomac, MD 20878
Survey Vehicle ID 3 (5 reports)
Model Model S 85 kWh Performance
Body Style Original (2012 to Early 2016)
Model Year 2012
Assembled 11/2012
Firmware Version 4.5(1.33.61)
Wheel Size n/a
Onboard Charger Twin (20 kW)
Supercharger Enabled Yes
Date Acquired 12/24/2012
Acquired New
Odometer at Delivery  34 mi
Ownership Status Own
Drivetrain Repairs
Odometer  19,155 mi
Typical Charge 112 rated mi
Typical Charge Target 50%
Range Mode Charge 254 rated mi
Battery Swapped No
Charger Replaced No
Drive Unit Replaced No
Charge Rate 242V/20A
Standard Mode Charge Frequency Most days of the week
Range Mode Charge Frequency Monthly
Superchargers Within Driving Range Yes
Supercharge Frequency A few times per month
Use Type Daily driver, year-round
Driving Frequency Daily
Typical Trip Distance 70 mi
Portion of miles driven on highways and freeways 80%
Typical Freeway Speed 75 mi/hour
Battery Drained 0
Energy Use
Trip Meter Distance  18,861 mi
Trip Meter Energy  6,798 kWh
Trip Meter Energy Efficiency 360 Wh/mi
Tesla Motors Club Username Bluetinc
Note that the Range charge of this entry has gone up. This rose after three consecutive range charges where the car was allowed to sit for 6 hours (plugged in) after completing charging. The range mileage displayed did not increase until between hours 5 and 6.

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