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Toyota RAV4-EV Survey Results

Toyota RAV4-EV

Vehicles by country and/or state.

Country State Vehicles
Canada AB 1
Canada BC 1
Canada NS 1
Norway 1
United States AK 1
United States AZ 1
United States CA 54
United States FL 2
United States GA 2
United States ID 1
United States MD 1
United States NC 1
United States PA 1
United States TN 1
United States TX 1
United States WA 4
United States WI 1
Total 16 Items 75

More Reports

The Vehicle List page lets you click on column headers to sort by that column, e.g., odometer, build date, ideal range, etc.

Vehicle List

If you'd like to get the full survey data to do your own analysis or mash-up, it's available in a couple of formats. The links below will get you all of the data, except for the owner name, email, and VIN sequence number which are not shared to protect owner privacy.

Most recent report for each vehicle Tab Separated Values or JSON
All reports Tab Separated Values or JSON

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