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Toyota RAV4-EV Survey Form

Toyota RAV4-EV

The purpose of this survey is to allow Toyota RAV4-EV owners to share their experience with battery pack capacity and how it changes over time and distance driven. If you are a RAV4-EV owner, please contribute your experience to the survey by filling in the information below. You are welcome to enter data again as you increase your time and distance.

If you have previously entered a report on this vehicle, use the RAV4-EV Battery Survey Update Report

Before you start, you may want to collect several bits of information from your car.

  • Current odometer reading
  • VIN sequence number
  • Manufactured date
Instrument UUID
Instrument Calibration

Instrument Priority:
Instrument Resolution:


State: City: Zip Code

Preferred distance unit:

Your RAV4-EV

RAV4-EV VIN sticker location
With the driver's door open, the VIN sticker is visible on the body frame in the bottom right corner.
RAV4-EV VIN sticker detail
The VIN is printed above the bar code. The manufactured month/year is in the upper corner.
Model Year

Sequence number at end of VIN (up to 6 digits): (private)
This portion of the VIN is required in order to properly identify vehicles and follow-up reports for the same vehicle. It will only be used internally for the survey and will not be disclosed in any reports.

Manufactured Date:
To get the manufactured date, open the driver's door, there is a sticker at the bottom right of the door opening. On the top left of that sticker is the build month and year, e.g. 01/02 for January, 2002.

What was the status of your RAV4-EV when you acquired it?

When did you take delivery? (mm/dd/yyyy)

Odometer when acquired: miles

What is your RAV4-EV ownership status?

Current Odometer: miles

Do you use RAV4 Info?

Battery Pack

Your best estimate of your full charge range: miles

If you know your battery cell internal resistance values, please enter:

Smallest value: milliohms (leave blank if unknown)
Largest value: milliohms (leave blank if unknown)

Has your RAV4-EV's battery pack been replaced or reconditioned?


How often do you charge your RAV4-EV?

When you charge, how frequently do you use the charge/preconditioning timer (or other method) to end the charge below 100%?

What SOC level do you typically target when limiting your charge level? %

How often do you charge to 100%?


How do you use your RAV4-EV?

How often do you drive your RAV4-EV?

What is your typical round-trip distance? miles.

About what portion of your miles are driven on freeways or highways? %.

When driving on the freeway, what is your typical speed? miles per hour.

How many times have you driven until the RAV4-EV ran out of power and stopped?


Has the charge capacitor been replaced since you acquired your RAV4-EV?

Approximately how many years do you get out of your 12V accessory battery before needing to replace it?

Approximately how much do you normally spend on maintenance each year? $

Please list any additional maintenance that has been required on your RAV4-EV, other than tire rotation/replacement and refilling wiper fluid.
(500 characters maximum)

Contact Info

Your contact info will only be used to contact you if we need to follow up on your report and to let you know when we have results to report.

Name: (private)
Email: (private)

The survey takes care to provide some protection of owner privacy by not revealing your name, email or VIN sequence number. However, if you would like to identify yourself, you may enter your name or online alias.

Public Name: (optional, public)


Note: comments are visible to everyone

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