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Toyota RAV4-EV Survey: Vehicle 17

Date Odometer Est. Range City
May 22 2013 05:12 PM PDT 80,698 mi 70 mi Los Angeles, CA

Selected Report Details

Submitted: May 22, 2013, 05:12 PM PDT

Location Los Angeles, CA 90039
Survey Vehicle ID 17
Model Year 2001
Manufactured 06/2001
Vehicle Status When Acquired New
Date Acquired 10/02/2001
Odometer at Delivery  0 mi
Ownership Status Own
Odometer  80,698 mi
RAV4 Info No
Battery Pack
Estimated Range 70 mi
Lowest Internal Resistance 6 milliohms
Highest Internal Resistance 7 milliohms
Battery Maintenance
Battery Swapped/Refurbished Yes
Number of Battery Swaps/Refurbishments 1
Date of Last Battery Swap March 4, 2011
Odometer at Last Battery Swap  60,000 mi
Range Before Battery Swap 40 mi
Highest Internal Resistance 12 milliohms
Charge Frequency Most days of the week
Limit Charge Never
Typical Charge Target n/a
Full Charge Frequency n/a
Use Type Daily driver, year-round
Driving Frequency Daily
Typical Trip Distance 32 mi
Portion of miles driven on highways and freeways 75%
Typical Freeway Speed 55 mi/hour
Battery Drained 2
Charger Capacitor Replaced Yes
Time Between 12V Accessory Battery 8 years
Estimated Annual Maintenance Cost $ 1413
Maintenance Items new aux battery 2004; replace front pads and new metal rotors in 2007; Battery MD swap 2011; replace pads again 2012; Inverter replacement and coolant system purging in 2012.
Public Name Linda Yeaney
The yearly maintenance figure above is Everything except the purchase price and charger cost/install, divided by the 12 years we've owned the vehicle. This includes the 11K for the new battery, the inverter, all tires, brake work.. aux battery, light bulbs. Doesn't include registration!

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