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Toyota RAV4-EV Survey: Vehicle 64

Date Odometer Est. Range City
Sep 28 2013 12:58 PM PDT 95,087 mi 65 mi Packwood, WA
Oct 02 2013 09:47 AM PDT 95,169 mi 60 mi Packwood, WA
Jul 19 2014 01:38 PM PDT 98,076 mi 100 mi Packwood, WA

Selected Report Details

Submitted: October 2, 2013, 09:47 AM PDT

Location Packwood, WA 98361
Survey Vehicle ID 64 (3 reports)
Model Year 2002
Manufactured 02/2002
Vehicle Status When Acquired Used
Date Acquired 09/19/2013
Odometer at Delivery  95,003 mi
Ownership Status Own
Odometer  95,169 mi
RAV4 Info No
Battery Pack
Estimated Range 60 mi
Battery Maintenance
Battery Swapped/Refurbished No
Charge Frequency Most days of the week
Limit Charge Never
Typical Charge Target n/a
Full Charge Frequency n/a
Use Type Occasional
Driving Frequency Most days of the week
Typical Trip Distance 12 mi
Portion of miles driven on highways and freeways 95%
Typical Freeway Speed 50 mi/hour
Battery Drained 1
Charger Capacitor Replaced No
Time Between 12V Accessory Battery 6 years
Estimated Annual Maintenance Cost $ 0
Maintenance Items 
Public Name Vinyasi
Range per charge (of 60mi, above) is only an estimate. Range per speed (more estimates based on a recent test drive): 60mi/50mph vs 140mi/20mph. No yellow zone on SOC. Car shuts down at bottom of green zone with only a ten second warning after the fuel pump light comes on (in the area within the bottom-left of the SOC). Years between changing accessory battery (noted above): no clue (as a recent owner). 6 years is only an averaged guess copied from the out-bound links on Darrel's EVNut website.

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