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Roadster Survey Data Overview

The pages gives an overview of some of the information extracted from current raw survey data.

Battery Pack Capacity

The chart below shows the reported battery capacity versus miles driven for each of the vehicles in the Roadster survey. Battery capacity is measured by doing a full "range mode" charge and reading the "ideal range" from the car, which is the estimated range if the car were driven in the same conditions and parameters as used for the vehicle's official range rating.

The vehicles are grouped by their battery pack size, original or version 3, and whether they have the original battery pack or have had any portion of the pack replaced.

The trend line shown for the Roadster data for original battery packs gives an idea of what the data suggests is the average Roadster experience. Factors other than miles driven may also affect battery pack longevity.

Click on a dot to see that vehicle's number and get a link to the report(s) for that vehicle.

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Major Maintenance

The chart below shows the replacement rates for major components. Each bar represents the percentage of vehicles which have reported one or more swaps of the corresponding component.

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The table below shows the numbers for the major maintenance items. Most of the numbers are represented on the chart above, except for the median odometer for the reported vehicles by model year.

The median odometer values give a rough idea of how many miles the vehicles in each group have been driven. Half of the vehicles in each year reported fewer miles than the median and half reported more as of when last updated.

Year Vehicles Median Odo
Drive Unit
Swap %
Swap %
Swap %
2008 63 36,889 3.2 44.4 17.5
2010 97 31,600 3.1 19.6 24.7
2011 51 29,690 7.8 17.6 31.4
2012 4 45,556 25.0 25.0 25.0

Survey Participation

The chart below shows the number of survey reports received each month.

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The chart below shows when the vehicles in the survey were most recently updated. Bars on the right indicate vehicles that have been updated recently, bars on the left show vehicles that haven't been recently updated.

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