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Tesla Roadster Survey: Vehicle 10

Date Odometer Range Mode
Ideal Range
Ideal Range
CAC City
Jan 15 2013 04:16 PM PST 14,385 km 390 km 298 km Toronto, ON
Jul 15 2013 12:01 PM PDT 20,000 km 394 km 294 km 154.43 Toronto, ON
Dec 13 2015 04:58 PM PST 38,332 km 380 km 300 km 155.35 Toronto, ON

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Selected Report Details

Submitted: July 15, 2013, 12:01 PM PDT

Location Toronto, ON, Canada
Survey Vehicle ID 10 (3 reports)
Model Roadster 2.0
Model Year 2010
Battery Pack Classic (55 kWh)
Assembled 05/2010
Acquired 07/2011
Acquired Used
Odometer at Delivery  500 km
Ownership Status Own
Battery Pack and PEM
Odometer  20,000 km
Standard Mode Charge 294 ideal km
Range Mode Charge 394 ideal km
CAC 154.43 Ah
Battery Swapped No
PEM Replaced No
Motor Replaced No
Charge Rate 240V/40A
Standard Mode Charge Frequency A few times per month
Range Mode Charge Frequency A few times per year
Use Type Daily driver, except in winter
Driving Frequency Most days of the week
Typical Roundtrip Distance 10 km
Portion of miles driven on highways and freeways 33%
Typical Freeway Speed 120 km/hour
Low Battery Warning Frequency About once per year
Hot Battery Warning Frequency Never
Hot PEM Warning Frequency Never
Hot Motor Warning Frequency Less than once per year
Battery Drained 0

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