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Tesla Roadster Survey: Vehicle 46

Date Odometer Range Mode
Ideal Range
Ideal Range
CAC City
Jan 20 2013 02:37 PM PST 26,324 mi 219 mi 173 mi San Diego, CA
Dec 09 2015 07:42 AM PST 35,545 mi 228 mi 178 mi San Diego, CA
Apr 28 2016 10:22 PM PDT 38,000 mi 343 mi 235 mi 213.88 San Diego, CA
Oct 08 2019 03:36 PM PDT 58,000 mi 201 mi San Diego, CA

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Selected Report Details

Submitted: October 8, 2019, 03:36 PM PDT

Location San Diego, CA 92117
Survey Vehicle ID 46 (4 reports)
Model Roadster 2.0
Model Year 2010
Battery Pack Version 3 Upgrade (77 kWh)
Assembled 06/2009
Acquired 07/2009
Acquired New
Ownership Status Own
Battery Pack and PEM
Odometer  58,000 mi
Standard Mode Charge 201 ideal mi
Range Mode Charge n/a
Battery Swapped Yes
Number of Battery Swaps 1
Battery Sheets Replaced 11
Date of Last Battery Swap April 13, 2016
Odometer at Last Battery Swap  38,000 mi
PEM Replaced No
Motor Replaced No
Charge Rate 240V/30A
Standard Mode Charge Frequency A few times per month
Range Mode Charge Frequency A few times per year
Use Type Occasional
Driving Frequency Weekly
Typical Roundtrip Distance 5 mi
Portion of miles driven on highways and freeways 20%
Typical Freeway Speed 80 mi/hour
Low Battery Warning Frequency About once per year
Hot Battery Warning Frequency Less than once per year
Hot PEM Warning Frequency Never
Hot Motor Warning Frequency About once per year
Battery Drained 1
Tesla Motors Club Username ggr

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