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Tesla Roadster Survey: Vehicle 47

Date Odometer Range Mode
Ideal Range
Ideal Range
CAC City
Jan 20 2013 05:34 PM PST 3,925 km 275 km 225 km Medicine Hat, AB
Jan 20 2013 05:40 PM PST 3,925 km 345 km 295 km Medicine Hat, AB

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Selected Report Details

Submitted: January 20, 2013, 05:34 PM PST

Location Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
Survey Vehicle ID 47 (2 reports)
Model Roadster Sport 2.5
Model Year 2010
Battery Pack Classic (55 kWh)
Assembled 08/2010
Acquired 10/2010
Acquired New
Ownership Status Own
Battery Pack and PEM
Odometer  3,925 km
Standard Mode Charge 225 ideal km
Range Mode Charge 275 ideal km
Battery Swapped No
PEM Replaced No
Motor Replaced No
Charge Rate 220V/40A
Standard Mode Charge Frequency A few times per week
Range Mode Charge Frequency About once per year
Use Type Rarely used
Driving Frequency A few times per year
Typical Roundtrip Distance 25 km
Portion of miles driven on highways and freeways 80%
Typical Freeway Speed 100 km/hour
Low Battery Warning Frequency About once per year
Hot Battery Warning Frequency A few times per year
Hot PEM Warning Frequency Never
Hot Motor Warning Frequency n/a
Battery Drained 0

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