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Tesla Roadster Survey: Vehicle 63

Date Odometer Range Mode
Ideal Range
Ideal Range
CAC City
Jan 27 2013 03:40 PM PST 15,000 mi 186 mi Monrovia, CA

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Submitted: January 27, 2013, 03:40 PM PST

Location Monrovia, CA 91016
Survey Vehicle ID 63
Model Roadster 2.5
Model Year 2011
Battery Pack Classic (55 kWh)
Assembled 02/2011
Acquired 07/2011
Acquired New
Odometer at Delivery  150 mi
Ownership Status Own
Battery Pack and PEM
Odometer  15,000 mi
Standard Mode Charge 186 ideal mi
Range Mode Charge n/a
Battery Swapped No
PEM Replaced Yes
Number of PEM Swaps 1
Date of Last PEM Swap October 15, 2011
Odometer at Last PEM Swap  2,000 mi
Motor Replaced No
Charge Rate 240V/24A
Standard Mode Charge Frequency Daily
Range Mode Charge Frequency A few times per year
Use Type Daily driver, year-round
Driving Frequency Most days of the week
Typical Roundtrip Distance 30 mi
Portion of miles driven on highways and freeways 75%
Typical Freeway Speed 70 mi/hour
Low Battery Warning Frequency About once per year
Hot Battery Warning Frequency A few times per year
Hot PEM Warning Frequency About once per year
Hot Motor Warning Frequency n/a
Battery Drained 0
Tesla Motors Club Username Chris Ziegler
Roadster recently had a snow dam installed to minimize debris in cooling ducts. Since then no instances of high temps have been observed. Recent acq of model s has reduce use of roadster. But I still love the roadster!

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