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Tesla Model S Survey: Vehicle 249 - Model S 85 kWh Performance

Date Odometer Standard
Rated Range
Range Mode
Rated Range
Drive Unit
Feb 28 2014 08:55 PM PST 40,000 mi 228 mi (90%) 257 mi 40,000 mi 364 Wh/mi Atco, NJ
Jul 17 2014 09:47 AM PDT 51,887 mi 227 mi (90%) 257 mi 1 51,887 mi 367 Wh/mi Atco, NJ
Jul 21 2015 08:35 AM PDT 74,211 mi 224 mi (90%) 246 mi 4 73,980 mi 364 Wh/mi Atco, NJ
Mar 28 2017 02:43 AM PDT 142,775 mi 238 mi 4 142,775 mi 356 Wh/mi Skaneateles, NY

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Report Details

Submitted: March 28, 2017, 02:43 AM PDT

Location Skaneateles, NY 13252
Survey Vehicle ID 249 (4 reports)
Model Model S 85 kWh Performance
Body Style Original (2012 to Early 2016)
Model Year 2013
Assembled 02/2013
Firmware Version 8.0(2.52.22)
Wheel Size 19
Battery Pack Part Number 1014114-00-B
Onboard Charger Twin (20 kW)
Supercharger Enabled Yes
Date Acquired 03/07/2013
Acquired New
Odometer at Delivery  67 mi
Ownership Status Own
Drivetrain Repairs
Odometer  142,775 mi
Typical Charge n/a
Typical Charge Target 90%
Range Mode Charge 238 rated mi
Battery Swapped No
Charger Replaced No
Drive Unit Replaced Yes
Number of Drive Unit Swaps 4
Date of Last Drive Unit Swap June 15, 2015
Odometer at Last Drive Unit Swap  73,685 mi
Charge Rate 240V/40A
Standard Mode Charge Frequency Daily
Range Mode Charge Frequency A few times per week
Superchargers Within Driving Range Yes
Supercharge Frequency A few times per week
Maximum Supercharger Charge Rate 120 kW
Use Type Daily driver, year-round
Driving Frequency Daily
Typical Trip Distance 220 mi
Portion of miles driven on highways and freeways 85%
Typical Freeway Speed 85 mi/hour
Battery Drained 1
Energy Use
Trip Meter Distance  142,775 mi
Trip Meter Energy  50,820 kWh
Trip Meter Energy Efficiency 356 Wh/mi
Tesla Motors Club Username yobigd20
Ran out once recently when supercharger was offline and couldn't make it home. When from 100% charge to 0% and the total energy used displayed about 60.1kWh. That seems to be significant degradation as the total available at delivery was about 77.5.kWh. That's about a 22.5% degradation loss. My 85kW battery pack has effectively been reduced to a 60kW pack. We know there's already one MS over 200k miles that has had only a 6% loss and I think that was even warrantied. I will be probably looking to warranty the battery pack as this looks to be well beyond expected degradation for this mileage.

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