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Tesla Model S Survey: Vehicle 42 - Model S Signature 85 Performance

Date Odometer Standard
Rated Range
Range Mode
Rated Range
Drive Unit
May 15 2013 11:26 AM PDT 10,838 km 394 km 433 km 10,796 km 213 Wh/km Salt Spring Island, BC
Apr 29 2014 02:51 PM PDT 40,916 km 370 km (90%) 412 km 40,874 km 205 Wh/km Salt Spring Island, BC
Jul 03 2014 11:18 PM PDT 51,998 km 368 km (90%) 410 km 51,956 km 205 Wh/km Salt Spring Island, BC
Sep 27 2014 08:11 AM PDT 40,073 mi 236 mi (90%) 270 mi 1 40,073 mi 326 Wh/mi Salt Spring Island, BC
Sep 27 2014 11:03 AM PDT 64,534 km 392 km (90%) 435 km 1 64,492 km 202 Wh/km Salt Spring Island, BC
Feb 16 2015 06:43 PM PST 85,241 km 380 km (90%) 426 km 1 85,197 km 202 Wh/km Salt Spring Island, BC
Dec 12 2015 06:09 PM PST 106,004 km 374 km (90%) 415 km 2 105,962 km 202 Wh/km Salt Spring Island, BC

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Report Details

Submitted: April 29, 2014, 02:51 PM PDT

Location Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
Survey Vehicle ID 42 (7 reports)
Model Model S Signature 85 Performance
Body Style Original (2012 to Early 2016)
Model Year 2012
Assembled 11/2012
Firmware Version 5.9(1.51.96)
Wheel Size n/a
Battery Pack Part Number 1014114-00-A
Onboard Charger Twin (20 kW)
Supercharger Enabled Yes
Date Acquired 12/19/2012
Acquired New
Odometer at Delivery  44 km
Ownership Status Own
Drivetrain Repairs
Odometer  40,916 km
Typical Charge 370 rated km
Typical Charge Target 90%
Range Mode Charge 412 rated km
Battery Swapped No
Charger Replaced Yes
Number of Charger Swaps 1
Date of Last Charger Swap June 10, 2013
Odometer at Last Charger Swap  12,853 km
Drive Unit Replaced No
Charge Rate 240V/40A
Standard Mode Charge Frequency Daily
Range Mode Charge Frequency A few times per month
Superchargers Within Driving Range Yes
Supercharge Frequency A few times per month
Maximum Supercharger Charge Rate 89 kW
Use Type Daily driver, year-round
Driving Frequency Most days of the week
Typical Trip Distance 25 km
Portion of miles driven on highways and freeways 75%
Typical Freeway Speed 110 km/hour
Battery Drained 1
Energy Use
Trip Meter Distance  40,874 km
Trip Meter Energy  8,389 kWh
Trip Meter Energy Efficiency 205 Wh/km
Tesla Motors Club Username Vger
The only time our Model S "ran out of power" was when the main charger failed at the end of a long trip and the battery discharged down to about 4% SOC before Tesla could retrieve the car and repair it. They instructed me to remove the "first responder jumper" to preserve the remaining charge before the car went on the flatbed. The car sat at SOC < 5% for 2-3 days before the charger was replaced and normal charge was restored.

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